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Want to sell your home?       

Check out these mostly low or no-cost tips:

1) Make your home accessible.

If no one is able to see the inside of your house, how can you expect to sell it? Lock boxes are a good option, having an open house is good, we can talk and we'll figure out the best method for you.

2) Maintain a good external appearance.

Your house may look like the Taj Majal inside, but if the lawn is unkept, there are toys or car parts hanging around, and the paint is peeling, you're going to scare people away. Those that make
an offer will likely "low ball" it since it looks a "fixer upper."

3) Maintain a good internal appearance.

A dirty house might gross someone out.
A lot of clutter in the rooms and closets will make it feel crowded and seem smaller.
Any offensive smells? That would definitely
be a turnoff.
A clean house, with plenty of room, and nice
fragrances (like baked cookies) will surely make your home more enticing.

4) Paint.

Does the house need a fresh coat of paint? You might want to paint the inside, outside, awnings, doors, whatever may be peeling, cracked or faded.

What colors should be used? Low tones of yellow tend to work well externally, while white works well for the inside.

5) Pet control

Do you have a pet that may scare buyers into not really looking at the property, but instead, worrying about whether or not the critter will bite them?
Also, if your dog is slobbering all over the bedroom, you might want to take him outside.

6) Take care of drips and creaks.

Are there drips or odd sounds that perhaps should be corrected?

7) Let the sun shine in!

Opening your shades and curtains will give the home a bright and cheery feeling. Darkness may make the buyer get a sense of depression or sadness.


There are many things that can make or break a sale. You want the buyer to "feel good" about your home. By making your home as presentable as possible, you can increase the chances of selling it quicker, and for a higher price.